Day 2

The others are not handling the isolation of the countryside well. In fact, it's making them insane. Today I helped K and L get Mrs. G out of the building while some other girls played some kind of prank in a nearby room. Ordinarily I would've been involved in the prank, but as it was I was just trying to avoid conflict.

It was near twilight. I showed them around the new gardens. The old ones are too overgrown to enter. When we got to the pond, which is an opaque light green color like absinthe lately, she seemed awestruck by it. And jumped in. After a few seconds, it was evident she wasn't coming back, so I had to save her. I got L to take her inside before she saw joshua's skeleton. (Before L did, that is. Mrs. G seemed to be in shock at that point.)

Later that night I found K and L in the den, holding a knife and a corkscrew, just sitting there with madness quite evidently in their minds. I got them to snap out of it, but I don't know how long I'll be able to keep things in control over here.

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