I was at the gas station today, looking for something to eat. My eyes alit on a large bag of planters trail mix, but then I remembered planters trail mix is terrible. My inability to choose something enraged me, and I grabbed the bag by two corners and flung it up into the air. It fell back down and burst on the floor, sending trail mix everywhere. I left nonchalantly, and outside by my car was a cop talking on a walkie talkie. He stared at me as I came out, so I went over to see what he wanted. He said I was under arrest, and as he led me away I realized he was the same cop who had arrested me earlier that day for a pizza incident in the park. The cop's house was right nearby, in the woods. I was vaguely worried he would rape and murder me. He didn't keep it very clean, but he had a great music collection. We became friends and decided to travel around the world. When you sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil, there's a sort of vague queasiness, because you know you could write or draw anything, anything at all, but you have no idea what to do. When you sit down in front of a computer the problem is multiplied by hundreds of times, and if the computer is on the internet, millions. Sitting there in front of Google, knowing that just a few keystrokes could take you somewhere that would change your life forever, but having no idea what they are. When you're standing in an elevator, your mind is all your own, and your choices are limited to pushing a finite number of floor buttons. At the other end of the spectrum, sitting in front of your computer your mind extends into a magic void full of all manner of things. Even when you have made your peace with them, it is somewhat like living in a house that is much too big.

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