More sensitive personal information

First name: Ryder
Last name: IT'S A SECRET
Age: 29
Height: Average
Favorite color: Khaki
Favorite TV show: Mystery science theater 
What is on my desk: High powered flashlight, papers, large onion, knife
What's on the floor: Carpet, messes of wires and electronics, lint
What's on the ceiling: Two fluorescent light fixtures
What's on the north wall: Fourteen electrical outlets, three lightswitches, blank electrical faceplate, door, wires coming out of a hole and going into a hole in the ceiling, two vents, two holes where electrical outlets should be but instead there's just wires, door, empty doorway that should have a door in it but doesn't, window with venetian blinds, looking out into darkness
What's on the east wall: Are you just typing this to see yourself type?
Am I typing this just to see myself type: Mostly


Do I wish I were this man: No
What was that thing in harry potter called: You'll have to be more specific

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