Fun things to do

Next time you're a passenger in a moving vehicle and you have a pair of sunglasses, try this fun trick. No, seriously, it actually is fun.

Put one side of the sunglasses over one of your eyes, and look out the side window. The objects outside the window will appear sort of odd, and at first it may be difficult to tell what's wrong with them. One of two things will be going on, depending on which side of the vehicle you're looking out of, and which eye you have the sunglasses over. Either:

Everything will appear larger than normal, particularly signs, buildings and trees. Trees in particular may appear very stately and impressive.


Everything will appear small and dwarflike. Cars will be like little clown cars, and houses will seem comical, more like oversized dollhouses than sensible real ones. Also, when you go under an overpass it'll seem amazing that the vehicle even fits.

The faster the vehicle is moving, the more pronounced these effects will be. Also, after a while your eyes will adjust and the effect won't be as noticable. When this happens, try switching to the other eye, and you'll find THAT effect is now even stronger.


The second fun thing to do is visit this website, with episodes synopsises of gumby cartoons.


They're in four sections in the lower left.

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