You ever run into one of those self-employed people who just won't shut up about the amazing world of self-employment? About how they make $5000 a month from their weblog and they run a tire-cleaning service or something and they just couldn't be happier? And you start to think to yourself "hey, maybe I could do that" and they say "sure you can, it's easy!" and you think to yourself "hey, it IS easy" but then they just go on and on about producing value and the new weblog tools and synergy and you start to think "wait, maybe it's just easy for them because they loved this kind of bullshit from the start. Maybe they only manage to do it because they're horrible mouth breathers who spend every waking moment fiddling with their sidebars and joining 'blog carnivals', whatever those are, and writing idiotic essays like THE TOP TEN MISTAKES OF FIRST TIME SMALL BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURIAL REVENUE VALUE MAKERS"

And then you think "why did I write that all as one paragraph"

My point is, I've decided to become an internet bajillionaire, so now you're going to see ads on the blog. THOUSANDS OF THEM. And stock photos of men in business suits, like this:

Also I'll be posting more. Ha ha! Just kidding!

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